Eat Them (bread)

At Beat Them Brewing Company, we don’t just make beer. We also make “delicious” bread (and paperweights and doorstops) from the spent grains used to make the beer.


Here are a couple loaves from our March 1, 2013, brewing, courtesy of Mike Jennison. Hey, how ’bout a bagel next time!

Bread loaves


Sometimes Mike’s spent-grain bread comes out of the oven a tad denser than the recipe called for. But at Beat Them Brewing Co., nothing goes to waste. Below are a couple loaves from the March 20, 2015, brewing. They were a bit too hard and unpalatable to be packaged as dog biscuits, but they make excellent doorstops. Or paper weights.

Bread as doorstop


For the VIM Golden Potty Ale, we used rye grains and flaked rye in the mash. Mike took the spent grains and made some rye bread and, surprisingly, it didn’t totally suck. Way to go, Mike!

Rye bread from the VIM Golden Potty Ale brewing.
Rye bread from the VIM Golden Potty Ale brewing.
More delicious spent-grain bread from Beat Them Brewing Co. (mango not included).